How to Choose a Leather Watch Strap for Wristwatches – A Complete Guide

If you are looking to buy or want to change the strap of your watch, then you are at the right place. When it comes to choosing a leather watch strap it is a difficult task and you should need to keep a lot of things in your mind. The main factors that you should keep in your mind are price, type of material, color, length, and width of strap, and so on.

Whenever you go for changing or buying a leather watch strap it is important to keep these key points in your mind so you can buy a perfect one for your watch. Let’s start exploring the types of watch straps made with leather for wristwatches. If you own a luxury swiss made replica watch then this guide is for you.

Price of Leather Watch Strap

Whenever we go for shopping the main thing that we need to focus on is our budget it is because you need to make your mind that how much money you want to spend on buying a new thing. Leather watch straps are available in a huge variety according to their prices. Setting a price goal can help you to save your time. So when the shopkeeper asks you about your budget then you have a clear set price in your mind.

Cost of a genuine leather strap watch is totally dependent on the material that is used to make the strap. Over all leather watch strap costs from $5.59 to $150.0 according to their design material make and brand. You may be surprised by the higher price as$150.0 but believe me, it is made of real crocodile skin.

Type & Material of Leather Watch Strap

The style or type of leather strap watch is the second thing that you should need to keep in mind whenever going to replace a strap or buy a new one. Knowing the style of strap before buying it is an impotent thing and it saves your time. Most of the leather watches straps are made from sheep, pig, and buffalo skins (the cheap ones). But there are also a lot of luxury and high-priced straps available in the market that are made of goats, buffalos, snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, and shark skins.

You can buy a leather watch strap that is made with Full-grain leather, top-grain leather, split-grain leather, bonded leather, or genuine leather. Keep in mind agenuine leather watch strap costs more than other types of leather straps.

Buckle of Leather Watch Strap

Third important thing is the buckle style of the strap that you are going to replace or buying. In my opinion, it is the first thing that you should need to keep in your mind before buying a new leather watch strap. There are a lot of buckle options like:

  1. Pin Buckle Clasp
  2. Folding Clasp
  3. Deployant Clasp
  4. Safety Deployment Clasp
  5. Butterfly Clasp
  6. Sliding Buckle Clasp
  7. Diver Clasp
  8. Glide Lock Clasp
  9. Jewelry Clasp
  10. Velcro Clasp

Pin buckle clasp is the most favorite and common type of buckle that most people like. Most of the watches come with a pin buckle but if you are not satisfied with this type of buckle then you can go with the second most favorite type of buckle which is Deployant clasp buckle.


A leather watch strap is not only in fashion but these are made to provide an elegant and sleek to your personality. Keeping the key points mentioned above in mind can be helpful for you to choose a perfect leather watch strap made of genuine leather.


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